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Stunningly shot and scored, this film is both comic, poetic and profound, and the subtleties of the observational detail (filmed over 5 years) are masterfully captured and edited. The intimacy attained just by allowing the scenes to unfold mean you finish the film feeling like you’ve personally lived with the strange, endearing Mr Vig and shared his dream, where any other style of filmmaking may have ridiculed or caricatured him. Brilliant raw characters and a compelling journey elevate this film into the upper echelons of great observtinoal documentary. Though the camera work is scrappy and the aesthetic unpolished, this film, shot over three years, has more raw heart than an epic multimillion-dollar blockbuster. Aside from the rich personal journey ensured by filming these young men throughout their formative years as they mature exponentially, the struggle of their families and the backdrops of their decaying neighbourhoods provides an incisive insight into underprivileged black urban existence. The best of showing rather than telling makes the meditation on war much more profound. No narration, minimal voiceover, sometimes not even interviews - just scene after scene of raw footage strung together in which the characters and their often-turbulent lives drive the film.

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Discovery Network now has reality television programmers running the show (“reality television” being an oxymoron. It’s unfortunate that accuracy is seen by Discovery’s executives as an impediment to ratings. Grains of salt should be distributed to voters by the Feds at no charge. My faith in humanity has been bumped back into line. What the Boston University educated lawyers of the Discovery Channel have forgotten is their basic tort law governing such actions. I for one would like to see a class action law suit brought against the Discovery Channel for such programs as “Shark Week” particularly when dealing with falsehoods and innuendos such as sharks in the Great Lakes. In other parts of the world, they’re named after the water where they’re found.

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Over a two-month period, participants received and responded to EMA daily text messages inquiring about their study medication, alcohol, and methamphetamine use. Baseline characteristics including demographics, alcohol use, and substance use were examined as potential correlates of engagement in EMA text messages in logistic regression and proportional hazards models. Participants had a 74% response rate to EMA text messages over the study period. Substance use variables were not correlated with engagement in text messages, suggesting that EMA may be a useful research tool among actively substance-using MSM in San Francisco. Data collected from a group of men and women on probation from prison indicated that people received different socialization with regard to emotions based on gender and race. The writings of Charles Darwin and a myriad of his followers are examined, including Herbert Spencer, Francis Galton, and others. Students explore relationships between speed, distance, and time using both math and science.

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He had Lynch hair back then- the David Lynch of philosophical douchebaggery. He explicitly called on his people to not invent a fake, glorified past, and to accept their centuries of FAILURE and SLEEPINESS. I bet he was real well-liked, no wonder he moved to Paris. Heh heh douchebags form a brotherhood across Time. “No shit I will shit on you without constraint, I am not a Romanian, I am a douchebag! . Did they read Alfarabi and now when they hear someone unironically invoke Allah feel like.

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ABLAZA debuts his latest one-of-a-kind fashion show ? ow Tie Couture Fashion Collections. Photos and text by Oliver Carnay Hollywood, California (November 29, 2015) - A very enthusiastic crowd cheered for Filipino designer John C. Ablaza at last night? eventful Hollywood debut of his latest collections entitled ? ow Tie Couture Fashion Collections. Among major sponsors of the show include GMA Pinoy TV, MBeauty Clinic by Dr.

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( NYT film review ). The subject matter was sensitively handled I thought (especially considering when it was made). The opening scene in the diner just sets it up so perfectly for a great ride. If you are going to do fast zombies then I think they did them well here. Definitely made them feel undead, whereas the Dawn of the Dead remake just made them seem like normal but very angry people. Never felt like he wouldn't make it out of this. (2) The quest for a cure.

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She added a smiling emoji and the words: “Thanks for giving me the opportunity. In another message Witt wrote “If all else fails, I just may go public with a program and do like Snowden:)”. The apparent reference is Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee who leaked classified material in 2013 and then fled to Russia. Once Witt was in Iran she was given housing and computer equipment by Iranian government officials, according to US prosecutors. She is then accused of disclosing classified information about secret US projects and combing Facebook under an alias to identify former colleagues, putting together “target packages” that would help the Iranians find, track and “neutralize” the threat posed. The four Iranians charged in the indictment then began a “malicious” campaign of targeting Witt’s former colleagues, according to US prosecutors. The allegations included using fictitious or imposter Facebook accounts to send messages with links that would compromise their computers once clicked.