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Event rates ranged from 5. 6 to 7. 3 per 100 person-years, a 1. -fold rate difference across regions. Unadjusted regiona? evel rate ratios varied from 0. 3 (95% confidence interval, 0. 1 to 0. 5) to 1.

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All cases were followed up 14 months on average (range, 10-22 months). All factures healed after 9. weeks on average (range, 6-11 weeks). No complications such as displacement of fracture, joint surface subsidence, shortening of the radius, and carpal tunnel syndrome were found during follow-up. According to the Dienst scoring system, the results were excellent in 8 cases, good in 10 cases, and fair in 2 cases, and the excellent and good rate was 90%. Treatment of complex distal radius fractures with butterfly shaped locking compression plate can reconstruct normal anatomic. The purpose was to investigate the relationship between distal radius fracture malunion and arm-related disability. The patients were evaluated with the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand (DASH) questionnaire at baseline (concerning disabilities before fracture ) and one year after fracture. The 1-year follow-up included the SF-12 health status questionnaire and clinical and radiographic examinations.

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Its latest app update came out in February, adding a few bug fixes to improve the overall tennis experience. The app boasts two main features: “Activity” and “Challenge. The former tracks your court time, complete with the number of shots that you take. The latter meanwhile adds an extra gamified element (as if playing tennis wasn’t enough of a game! by letting you compete with friends and other players around the world. You can even get your Piq score, a combined number made up of your various metrics, ranked in the global community. Here in 2018, there are plenty of wearable sports trackers to choose from — with the market-leading Apple Watch Series 3 seemingly adding new sports by the day. If you’re looking for a good tennis-focused tracker, however, this smart device is definitely worth checking out. You might also want to check out sports sensor company Zepp’s Head Tennis Sensor for an alternative digital coach.

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h, salah ding, saos. Sebenarnya merupakan hal yang biasa jika sering nonton anime ataupun film animasi rated-r yang lain, apalagi di sini disimbolkan oleh makanan-makanan, tapi film ini mengolahnya dengan dramatis sehingga jadinya benar-benar lucu. Dan adegan di dapur, sekitar pertengahan film, udah kayak adegan dalam film horror slasher. Sexual innuendo tak ketinggalan berserakan di mana-mana. Umpatan mereka dengan segera menjadi terlalu banyak sehingga tidak lucu lagi. Beberapa leluconnya yang ngincer stereotype lebih sering jatoh datar. Frank yang dimainkan oleh Seth Rogen adalah sosis yang suka menyumpah serapah, ia malah kalah banyak aksi dibandingkan Brenda nya Kristen Wiig. Justru tokoh sidekick yang disuarain oleh Michael Cera yang mendapat porsi petualangan lebih banyak dan terasa lebih jagoan. Sosis kecil rada peyang ini actually jadi lebih compelling karena dia ngalamin both inside and outer journey.

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6 drama korea terbaru yang tayang bulan november 2016. Kayaknya bulan ini kamu mungkin akan kembali dibuat baper dengan sejumlah drama korea terbaru. Eh tapi temanya pun nggak melulu soal cintacintaan, lho. Film baru harry potter bakal dirilis 18 november 2016. Disusul kemudian sekuel kedua dan ketiga pada 2018 dan. Menandai pertama kalinya jk rowling menulis naskah film, spinoff ini akan bercerita tentang karakterkarakter yang terinspirasi oleh buku hogwarts harry potter dan lrnhlks newt scamander. Rekomendasi drama korea terbaru november desember 2016. Rekomendasi drakor terbaru ini untuk bulan november 2016 dan desember 2016. Aktor korea y.

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If you love ghosts, you'll easily tolerate The Vault. Soon, though, his family is being terrorized by the departed young man's angry father, who's fresh out of prison and out for revenge. While that alone would make for an interesting, if predictable film, Cold in July quickly switches gears as these two men realize that there are bigger stakes involved than their petty revenge tale. Each new twisted development takes the characters in an entirely new direction, and we won't ruin it here by describing what happens. If there was a downside to the whole thing, it's that the ending is over a little too quickly, but it's not enough to ruin what's otherwise a solid, engaging movie. But for two best friends, a traumatic experience may be too much for them to reconcile. The rich atmosphere and superb performances from a relatively unknown cast add weight to an already heavy script that deals with issues that are, unfortunately, extremely topical. Even though the setting is different — the '90s — the subject matter of Super Dark Times would work just as well set in the modern day. Although other films may be more gratuitously violent, Super Dark Times doesn't offer a hint of escapism in its few, swift brutal moments.

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Remember to blend within the hollows of the cheeks. Using a brush, he then contours lightly around her hairline as well. Sticking with the shade Mocha, just use the finger (or a brush, if you prefer) to apply a touch of concealer next to the inner corners of the eyes, and take it down the side of the nose. A small amount of concealer is easier to work with, and will help you achieve a more natural look. STEP 5 Finally, the concealer can also be used to highlight the face. With the shade Beige, Greg-O dotted the product on our model’s forehead, down her nose bridge, and under her eyes to draw light and radiance to those areas. He completes the sculpted look by adding a light touch of concealer on her chin, cupid’s bow, and the top of her cheekbones. It originated from the UK and was extremely successful, with spin-offs like MasterChef Australia, America, Italy, India and Asia, just to name a few. Singaporeans have had successes in MasterChef history.

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Enjoy unlimited oysters, a cheese station, signature cocktails, and a cigar lounge. At this year? sophomore event, take in the sounds of musicians who live or work in Jamaica Plain. Let? start with Train, the Grammy-winning band responsible for ? alling All Angels. The Chocolate Bar at the Langham Hotel's Cafe Fleuri returns for the season with a mind-boggling array of desserts. Cupcakes, truffles, brulees, bread pudding, crepes, whoopee pies, and other delights are created with various varieties of chocolate. September's offerings include lemon madeline with ivoire cremeax and strawberries, and caramelized white chocolate torte with banana and sesame.