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Absurd It is an absurd situation we find ourselves in. The public support for these new technologies is overwhelming, as it is in business (apart from those seeking to protect stranded assets), and among most politicians even many in the Liberal Party, as NSW energy minister Don Harwin revealed late last month. Yet here we are: Shortterm policies; a patchwork of rules on energy efficiency; the worst building stock in the world; the most inefficient and polluting cars; and the world s most expensive and dirty grid, soaring emissions, and rising temperatures. And two years after obtaining power, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is still defending policies he once described as bullshit, too afraid to call out the nonsense spread by those keeping him in power. States lead way on clean energy The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) last week welcomed a declaration on climate action from Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT governments, which backed a commitment to strong climate action, after they met with former US vice-president Al Gore. The declaration followed a series of statements by states holding the federal government to account for their current climate- and energypolicy paralysis. It s not surprising that state governments are fed up and threatening to take policy into their own hands, said Suzanne Harter, ACF climate and clean energy campaigner.

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On 26 July Sandy would have been gone for nine years. Vanished into thin air, on his thirtieth birthday. No note. All her belongings still in the house except for her handbag. His mother, in her hospice bed, days before she passed away from cancer, his sister, his closest friends, his shrink, all of them told him he should do that. Three kids had always been his dream, ideally two boys and a girl, and his weekends would be spent doing stuff with them. Family holidays.

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Disturbances to habitats Disturbances have grown in frequency and variety. This is one of the major causes of habitat degradation. Fires are a common and dangerous disturbance to many Australian habitats. The number of bushfires per week in Australia increased by 40% between 2008 and 2013. Increases in the frequency of fires due to human activity have led to the decline or extinction of more than 100 species and declines in at least 29 threatened ecological communities listed in Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). More attention is now being paid to evaluating the risk of our ecosystems going extinct. But most of the attention is only on the area of vegetation that has been lost, which is easy to map and calculate thanks to images from satellites.

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There is plenty of irreverence in the movie, but there are also a lot of actual facts about the Church and its rituals. We’re staging a lot of those attention to. A lot of that texture, including the scars on Block’s face today, is being achieved with practical FX as opposed to CGI. “Absolutely, wherever possible,” Petty states. “Our postproduction visual effects are mostly going to be grain removal which I also said on The Burrow- rituals correctly, in the and then we ended up having to way the characAnd it’s also ters interact with things. It’s in their nature to want to help sters; you, talk to you and tell you about effects, they do. replace a lot of the monsters digitally.

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Director Peter Strickland ( Berberian Sound Studio ) employs a child’s storytelling whimsy through captions rather than dialogue. This lower budget entry manages to amuse more in the style of live theater than cinema, and feels like a poor man’s Tim Burton meets Grimm’s Bacchan fantasy. Kinda fun, but kinda more dumb; kinda hokey, but kinda okay with that. But it was just so interesting for me to be exposed to lesser-known folklore fauna (like the Jotunn in The Ritual ). With a theme so interesting, how you could you not want to see this. So I feel badly saying it’s really, really, really boring and best left forgotten in an old dusty box of VHS in the basement. Only recommended for bad (really bad) B-movie night viewing.

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S. . (Smiling). Yes, you’re quite right. Lola sometimes gets carried away by her imagination. To the great delight of your readers! S.

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We got a by-popular-demand encore, which was lovely. And then this past year, 54 asked me to be their Pride headliner, so I wrote a whole new show called BUSTIN' OUT and decided when we were creating this recording edition of the show for album release. I'm really excited. I dropped a chunk from INSIDE MY LOCKER and replaced it with a nice chunk of BUSTIN' OUT. I'm doing a little bit of AIDA with Bonnie Milligan and Maya Days, who played Aida on Broadway, and we've just added a new mashup that I don't want to give away, and we've added a new Frank Wildhorn song to the end of the show to button it up. He's the best. Part of why I wanted to make the album was to just preserve his work because it's so good.