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There will be a blue eyes wight dragon and the wall will fall it is known. Carnivorus ? ? yeah rape and slavery pff since when is that a big deal. LaBass666 ?

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What pact did he make with Cersei and was it possibly treasonous against her or even worse. as it treasonous against Dany. Also I could see Jaime killing Cersei if she killed Tyrion. no doubt. I feel sick.

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It’s taking off, and I’m going to run with it for however long as it lasts. Whether it be in the WWE or on the independent level I’m going to ride this for however long it goes and wrestle as James Ellsworth. I’m actually a licensed wrestling promoter in both states. We actually have a show coming up in Denton, Maryland. That’s our Halloween show called Halloween Heat on October 28.

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But I think there are much better things for Littlefinger to do with a whole fresh army. It would be much easier for him to just create an alliance with whoever wins the battle. I am not completely ruling out the army, but I just think with the information that we have at the moment that the army of the Vale would likely not be a part of the Battle of the Bastards. He already exposited that the Vale’s forces are trained to fight in ice and snow. Boltons battle, and it’s difficult to see how he could anticipate Jon doing anything (if he has the kinds of sources necessary to have info on him, he’d soon know that Jon is dead).

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I have crayons of all the monsters besides Fruit Brute (who was not made) and they are some amazing sculpted prizes that were given away with proof of purchase. The Breakfast Monsters just help add to my Halloween excitement and are something I look forward to every year. It’s a shame that none of these one-shots sparked a full run comic series because I would have loved to have collected a run of comics that told me what The Wolf Man was doing after the films had stopped. The only one of these issues I had ever read was The Wolf Man and that’s been some 8 years ago. The rest I am going into blind so I am very much looking forward to reading what ideas this comic company had for these classic characters of the silver screen.