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Pred rokem Lost Sensei Can't stop rewinding back to the iron back part and the Olenna part, this is why I love you guys. Pred rokem Grogin I agree, there was sexual tension on that second meeting with Dany and Jon. And Davos should have laid out Jon title as such: His Grace Jon Snow the first of his name. Pred rokem ? ? 10:20 i agree with you. Pred rokem gordonjlightfoot things I didn't like about this episode. . Euron is a complete rip-off of Negan, and 2. They were acting like teenage kidnap victims and that's never been their style Pred rokem SimplyLex So in Heroes I couldn't ship Peter and Claire because he was her uncle, even though they had INSANE chemistry, but in this series everyone is ok with shipping the same kind of thing. Pred rokem Nela Klimcik I agree with you Americ,there was a spark. ? Pred rokem failuremagnet Was that Bran.

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Hirose said, as we squatted to avoid banging our heads on the reactor bottom. The entire area around the reactor was dark, and cluttered with pipes and machinery. To avoid getting entangled, the Manbo took three days to travel some 20 feet to the bottom of Unit 3. To examine the other two reactors, engineers built a “snake” robot that could thread its way through wreckage, and the imaging device using muons, which can pass through most matter. The muon device has produced crude, ghostly images of the reactors’ interiors. Extracting the melted fuel will present its own set of technical challenges, and risks. Engineers are developing the new radiation-resistant robots at the Naraha Remote Technology Development Center. It includes a hangar-sized building to hold full-scale mock-ups of the plant and a virtual-reality room that simulates the interiors of the reactor buildings, including locations of known debris. “I’ve been a robotic engineer for 30 years, and we’ve never faced anything as hard as this,” said Shinji Kawatsuma, director of research and development at the center. “This is a divine mission for Japan’s robot engineers. . It's a great way to improve my skills, clear my mind, and relieve stress. I have to say, though, the average range trip could be more fun.

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Or maybe humanfishies 133) Do you decorate the outside of your house for christmas? Ermm. I used to, a little? 134) Can you solve sudoko puzzles. Probably? 136) Whats the most unusual conversation you've ever had. Recently a lady in the supermarket told me about how Nick Cage carried her luggage for her on the plane. Not really, but I take calculated risks? 138) Are you much of a daredevil. Yeah man! 142) How long could you go without talking. When I chopped off my dreads, my hair was very. trange and tufty and short and spikey for a while 144) Can you iceskate.

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They are the key to this speedrun and there is a bunch of them, 13 to be exact. I really love this run and have worked really hard on it this year. Status: Decline City Trial 100 Checkboxes 02:00:00. Status: Accept All Tracks No Duplicate Rides 00:23:00. Movement is what makes this speedrun shine especially thanks to its backdash mechanic, making for a pleasing show to the spectator. Bossfights at the end of each stages go by just as fast thanks to strong subweapons available to the player when progressing to the next stage. There's a lot of power variety in this run, including the use of Tornado, Sword, Wheel, and Ball, a power often overlooked by casual players, Many mixes are now implemented everywhere throughout this run so we can get the powers we need to go faster, and the top runners are very consistent at them. The speedrun is also equally quirky because of its handling of the physics engine that vastly differs from other games in the series. K64 has often been about attention to detail, and since this game's sole appearance at AGDQ'16, many of these small quirks are now better understood to make for an even more optimized and fluid run. This restriction shows off both the best vehicles and some of the lower or middle tier vehicles that still have interesting speed tech and can create fast, impressive, clean runs. Status: Accept All Tracks No Duplicate Rides 0:23:00. A similar run of this format was done for AGDQ 2015 with Kingdom Hearts II and we'd like to recreate that with Kingdom Hearts III at SGDQ this year. This run utilizes powerful magic and incredible movement tech in many areas to sprint through the game in very little time.

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I can’t think of any reason why Cersei won’t send him away when he asks to deal with the Ironborn in the Reach, which will lead to him meeting Sam at Oldtown. So, I reckon that the description doesn’t fit Tarly, as I see that as a 4, 5-episode role minimum. Heck, he would almost be Stannis spiritual successor, Randyll the Mandyll. It’s more or less stated that the maesters (or a faction of them) were responsible for killing off the remaining Targaryen dragons; the clear implication is they may seek to do so again; there are multiple parties, most notably the Faceless Men, seeking to infiltrate the Citadel for some purpose; and, most importantly of all, GRRM moved Sam to Oldtown to send him into the Citadel. We’ll see Tarly at Horn Hill, with the rest of the Tarly family, when Sam and Gilly go there toward the start of next season. Taking off on the Jon Snow idea, why not a flashforward from Bran with Ian McShane as an older, dying Jon Snow. Sitting on the Iron Throne which is covered in snow or on fire or something. What I think that so few people realize (or remember) is just how many dark-haired people live in the north, and how many blondish people live in the south. And the silly pantomimes of old movies are generally, well, silly pantomimes. Now, if Sam had been a Maester from the start, and this created some situation where he had to choose between loyalty to the Maesters or loyalty to (say) Jon, then it might be something that could contribute to a story. However, it’s too late for that: Sam is much too loyal to Jon and it would be impossible to make him seem “Team Maester” in such short time. It would just be gratuitous plot-for-the-sake-of-plot. I think he and Littlefinger are the only two characters who haven’t revelaed their true intentions yet.

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omBurning castles galore Between us speaking, in my opinion, it is obvious. Peter Baelish favorite character. mm. ea. can see that. He does appear to put a lot of effort into what he is doing and is very loyal to? o. he storyline. ea that's it. Baelish does not even crack my top 15. He never fought in a war before he went to the wall. That is the red woman under the umbrella and long claw on his hip. Combining my knowledge of Game of Thrones Season 6 filming news with my keen eye for detail I was able to decipher a lot of the scenes and make educated guesses and predictions.

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This is sex with a bush, baby, and there's nothing coy here. Franco isn't trying to woo you into some kind of Mulveyan eye possession but to devour you from the outside in via a vagina dentata clockwork zipper. As far as music, though he's not Ennio, Daniel White is always a sublime collaborator for Franco. He lathers on the swirly cacophony, the silken lounge lizard eyes-across-the-casino seduction, the breathy swooning hotel room breathing, and through it all a layer of constantly chattering birds, bats, peacocks. It doesn't matter; if you're nodding off in your easy chair, the blood beyond your eyes drained from either arousal or too many cigarettes, then you can nod off for minutes and not miss a thing. The idea with slowness in movies of course is to, as the saying goes, 'slow your roll' in the same way meditation works when it works, which is never. In that way, a Franco vampire bat is not a flapping piece of rubber on a string but a bat-shaped hood ornament. If you can dig that, you're ready to watch the six hour opus by the late great Paine Dreying. The baby grows up into a brooding William Smith, with huge collars, vowing to find his evil father and destroy him. While researching the occult he kills sexy librarians who wont loan him rare grimoires, and seduces and destroys an array of sexually open hotties in the neighborhood. Though his big fangs are a little silly, Michael Pataki does a very cool thing with his eyes where they seem to go completely dead and impassive when the fangs come out, like shark eyes, Hayes makes the most of Paul Hipp's solid if TV Movie-style cinematography and the Prime print is lovely with deep moody blacks which seem to envelop our bad guy like a blanket. If you've only ever seen this in some crappy PD edition, try it now. It works: everyone is pressed up against each other and powerless to escape - which makes the final knock-out, kick-the-railing-in brawl between father and son all the more cathartic.

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Wilton Street. McGill was later charged with endangering the welfare of a child, recklessly endangering another person and tampering with evidence. Intellect and emotion are conditions of the physical reality and act in concert with the spirit to negotiate the physical reality and further facilitate the development of the spirit. Western elites and their institutions function in opposition to the Memphite ology because they fail to grasp the reality (truth) that the universe is actually one, a whole system of interconnected, seemingly separate, entities. Today, more and more Europeans are becoming aware the universe is more than what we experience with our five senses and more than what the value-shaping institutions and media tell us it is. In the past 20 years, studies that have tried to find the smallest particle or to explore the outer limits of space, have come up with answers which support the ancient mystical philosophical view of the cosmos and the constitution of the human being. Science is discovering that the universe is infinite in all directions both at the atomic (micro) level and the planetary (macro) level. It is also finding that what we call matter, is 99. % empty space surrounded by an idea (information, thought) consciousness. Contrary to popular belief, quantum physicists cannot explain what matter is or what holds it together. remaining. % of matter, which appears to be visible, is also theorized by quantum physics (modern physics) to be an optical illusion. Hidden Properties of Matter Mystical Teachings of Memphite ology in Ancient Egypt by Dr.

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On one end we see massive continued investment in replacing humans with robots, both economically and socially. Parallel to this trend, we are seeing advancements in neuroscience. I try, I fall, I stand up, I enjoy, I cry, I triumph, and I share it all with you. The war in Ukraine is going so well that soldiers are unpaid and men are ordered to serve whether they want to or not. Hats off to a group of women who confront a Ukrainian soldier and burn military writs right in front of the soldier’s face. But editors, not writers, come up with grabby headlines, and the article by. But that woman, Kayla Walker, fought back — in a brutal way. When a pair of men burst into Walker’s Georgia home Tuesday evening, the young mother was caught unawares, and one of the. We are told that the dread disease, which produces symptoms like something out of a horror movie, is spreading to the USA. Some Americans are canceling their vacations and refusing to fly, believing that they might catch Ebola. When seen yesterday evening, only one channel, 5-10 m wide was still entering the sea at 10 m wide front, while there had been up to 7 branches reaching the shore in the area west of. So fourth-grader Ramsey McDonald of Warner Robins, Georgia, told his dad he’s be showing off his iPad and a couple of. About 2,000 people were asked in the study to link any celebrity with a list of seven charity and aid organizations, including the Red Cross and Amnesty International, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

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I'm just not very excited for storylines that don't seem like they're gonna have any consequences on other characters anymore. Edmure's return made me excited, I'm really anticipating that whole story line. Same for the rest of what's gonna happen with Bran. I'm so fucking pissed at Tomen, but at the same time, duh, he's really just a child. It wasn't a bad episode, it felt just like so much setup. Needed some Sansa and Jon (I can't believe I'm actually saying that:lol:). So if GRRM was telling the truth, I wonder if Benjen is just dead in the books. It would be such a GRRM thing to do, having two characters when you can just have one and make everything simpler. I groaned all throughout Dany's speech. Over it. This was a much needed transition episode, and not much else. So many teases it gave me blue balls. lol: Also, was this the first episode of the series without a single death.

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D: Ga tau yank di trailer bagus kok:D G: Sepik,, bilang aja mau jalan bareng dan ketemu aku:p D: Apaan sih yaudah sono. Olla hampir saja tewas tertabrak mobil ketika dia tidur berjalan ke. Fatmala) panik dan akhirnya memutuskan untuk membeli sebuah rumah yang. Nina yang masih berusia 8 tahun pergi ke rumah itu tanpa setahu Handoko. Handoko dan isterinya bersama ahli metafisika itu mendatangi rumah itu. Dari pada cuma denger cerita dari temen mending nonton langsung. Stadion Sepakbola San Siro, Colloseum Roma, atau gondola gondola di. Venezia. Pencarianku telah mengantarkanku pada daftar tempat-tempat. Menunjukkan pada Eropa bulir cinta dan luasnya kedamaian Islam. Sebagai. Turki di Austria, Ia mencoba menebus kesalahan kakek moyangnya yang. Istanbul Turki.