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They had thought the city was too cosmopolitan and diverse for such incidents to happen there. Laly’s two films reflect that before and after quality perfectly. They also seemed to reflect two different ways of going about making a documentary, a change in the way she perceives the subjects of her films. Made in 1991, prior to the gruesome events of 1993, the footage of life on the street and of the glitzy shops breaks many stereotypes people may have about India. Her selection of interviewees is confined mainly to upper class people or foreigners, and the film would have benefited from the inclusion of the words of more people who live and work on the street. This was partly due to technical constraints, as Laly did not at that time have equipment capable of making quality sound recordings on the street. Almost all the interviewees were outsiders to Colaba Causeway, at least by the time they were being interviewed.

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It is known. What do you think of Daenerys Targaryen’s future with the Dothraki? ell us your thoughts in the comments below. THE CHILDREN OF THE FOREST AND THE WHITE WALKERS So the Children ofthe Forest created the White Walkers—from men—to fight men for them. Before we get to the implications of that monster revelation though, why exactly did the children need protection in the first place. Bran is told in A Dance with Dragons, “The gods gave us long lives but not great numbers, lest we overrun the world as deer will overrun a wood where there are no wolves to hunt them. What they lack in size though they make up in wisdom of the earth, superior power of the senses, and beautiful singing voices.


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He would always give us direction like Sam should be angrier. We've gone from four wolves to eight to twelve, to sixteen in Part 2. Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved June 1, 2018. Metacritic. CBS Interactive.


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Of course, it might be just a weird lighting, but for me ir really looks like Jon is turning grey due to all that stress. It happens in real life: I know one particular case, when a man turned totally grey in less than a minute, but that’s not the point. The point is that if Jon’s magnificient curls change colour into grey or rather white, his parentage may become obvious to everyone who have ever seen Rhaegar (and that includes the smallfolk of King’s Lading as well as the nobility). I hope that won’t be happening, because I don’t want Kit Harington to bleach his hair or wear a white wig, but still wouldn’t that be a solution for the revelation. They are running in freezing cold behind the Wall (I assume). But those people also have hormones, and without his twig and berries, Grey Worm lacks testosterone. That would most likely make him lack desire, and for that matter, lack muscle mass, too.


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Unless they misplace it and two current-day Earth teens stumble upon it. I watched the movie through to the end(! , but spotted only one explicit small item to indicate that the key might transport through time as well as space: When Skeletor’s minionette locates the copy of the key, she says that they can find it within a “parsec-eon,” which kind of sounds like a space-time measurement. In addition, those who know the He-Man franchise tell me that he is a far-future descendant of Earth humans on the planet of Eternia, which means that the trip back to current-day Earth was through time. So it is a time-travel movie(! but that fact has no bearing on the movie’s plot. I call it.


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Our reviews feature a unique tripartite ranking system that captures the different aspects of the movie-going experience. What we thought: It’s a surprise that a movie as awful as Ouija would ever get a prequel, but someone seemed adamant to create a good Ouija movie. Luckily for horror fans, award-winning horror director Mike Flanagan was the saviour to sink his teeth his into the spirit board story and delivered us from the evil memories of the first one. Ouija: Origin of Evil went The Conjuring route and gave us a horror that was exceptionally written, a cast that can act and a horrifying little girl that can compete with The Ring’s demon child. After they introduce the popular Ouija board to their act, the youngest daughter uses it to talk to her deceased father, but instead invites something else into the home. Based on its predecessor, I had exceptionally low expectations for this prequel, but it ended up smashing the ball out of the park. It would seem there’s something about setting horror movies in the past that appears to help horror filmmakers make better movies.


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. Now we can help close the gap between what the consumer wants and what the client makes. She suggests three different approaches, which I’ve spun as follows. The story is a reflection from the retired detective who seems to have sincerely believed the woman in question to be guilty. He realizes in his reflection that he was open to hearing what fit his theory and dismissed information or cues that didn’t support his theory (this is known as confirmation bias ). This is a real concern for people doing user research who have preconceived notions about people, their behavior, their desired solutions, etc. One tactic is to develop greater self-awareness and learn to hear your own biases and assumptions.